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If you ever thought that  vintage is dead, you might need to reevaluate your style!

Well you don’t need to look all 60s, but just a simple item like a hat can make a great statement to your outfit.

Again going back to the Mr & Miss Toronto, we get to see two ladies who definitely changed the game with their vintage attires, one being myself and the other being one of the competitors.

Let’s first acknowledge the fact that the both of us knew what scotch can do to our looks!

The skirt is everything, these patterns are just so beautiful, the ruffles? You obviously can’t ignore that.

I felt like since well the skirt had already too much going on, going for a simple top would keep the focus on the skirt. Remember “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “.

The hat? Wow I’m out of words.
I made sure to break the black and white with a pair of red earrings, obviously doing this to bring the attention to my facial area .




Get The Look:
Earrings: Street Market
Skirt : Legit
Top: Jet
Hat: Street Market


I’m in love with the dress or the dungaree as some would say.
She played it around quite well with the white shirt, who doesn’t own a white shirt? Shame on you sister, make sure you get it right away!

The Barrette , great choice! omg, see how hats are just doing the most? This is one girl who knows style hey, you sure don’t need to cover your whole head with the barrette , we still wanna see your pretty face.

All stars are one hell of sneakers which will never go out of style babes. Like the white shirt, a pair of All Star’s is a must have!

You can also add a figure belt to this look, but be sure to keep it plain and simple, so I would suggest a very thin belt with a color that pops out (in this case I’d suggest red or light blue)




Get The Look:
Shirt: Mr Price
Dress: Legit
Shoes: Any sneakers’ store

These are cute funky outfits, ideal for attending social markets and/or any outdoor activities. NB: if you’re not too comfortable with heels you can substitute this with a pair of slides.

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Style Tips

Are you a host for an event and you wanna slay them like in the red carpet but you just not sure what exactly to wear?

Well Style Definitions went to do the homework for you, and in this issue we are featuring the beautiful 20 year old Hlompho Maponya who was a host for Mr & Miss Toronto that happened last weekend.

So it seems like Hlompho’s plan was to really “not give us a chance to breathe”, let me take you through these three killer outfits rocked by the Limpopo born MC and choreographer.

I am super in love with what she did, add too much drama. I mean this skirt definitely brings all the boys to the yard. Look at that fur, need I say more? This was such a smart choice, she sure does look expensive. I also love how she played with the colors, the nude and black are doing the things and are both eye catching.

This outfit would also be a great choice if you are attending a wedding, you might however need brighter colors like pink and yellow.




Top: Mr Price
Skirt: Custom Made
Fur : Zara
Shoes: Kingsmead



This was a simple yet classy outfit as she was getting ready to kill us on the dance floor.

No one has ever been wrong in a pair of blue jeans and a black classy top.

This outfit is also ideal for my sisters who wanna go out partying this festive season, keep it simple and classy.



Top:  Mr Price 
Jeans: Mr Price 
Shoes: Kingsmead
Fur: Zara

There she goes again, doing the damn things! This dress’ material is everything, allowing her to show us a bit of some skin but in a sassy way. We can all agree that the scarf is out of this world, the colors and the detailing at both ends of the scarf are screaming royalty.

If you are celebrating something this festive season, be it a birthday or a graduation party, this look would also definitely put you on the spotlight.




Dress: Custom made ( you can however get something similar from stores like forever new)

Shoes: Kingsmead

Scarf: Special Malaysian import


A special thank you to Hlompho Maponya for allowing us to peep through her wardrobe.

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SmartOutfitSundays #SOS



Crop tops are a huge trend for sunny days , appearing on designer runways  during  South African Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

This stylish piece is a must-have for every lover of style.

I know  you probably feel like this is a tricky or risky trend to follow, Style Definitions  is here to give you light on several  ways of rocking this trend.

Since crop tops are so versatile, every girl can find a way to spot one in a way that’s comfortable for her.

When worn right, crop tops can even be formal attire!


Wear it with high-waisted shorts 

High-waisted shorts are also one of the easiest looks for spring and summer. When high-waisted shorts and  a crop top are paired, two looks (casual and formal) can be achieved, depending on the texture of the shorts. You can wear a lot of different types of crop tops with high-waisted shorts, such as a bustier top or a cropped tee.


A crop top and a short in a matching pattern is a cute look for spring.

A tight, long-sleeve crop top is a good contrast to the high-waisted short because shorts often show a bit of skin.




•  Pair it with a pencil skirt 

If you thought your pencil skirt should only be reserved for the office, then think again! A patterned pencil skirt that hits at the knees and above the belly button can be a super chic look when paired with a crop top, because you’ll be covered up below the waist, you can wear a riskier crop top, perhaps with some daring cutouts.





Crop tops are great for layering, and one of the best looks is under a sheer top. A sheer top and a crop top can be daring choices on their own, but when put together, they create a more conservative and tasteful look.





• Olive crop-top – Style Definitions (R350)

•Olive high-waisted shorts – Style Definitions (R350)

•Buy the 2 piece as a set for R600

• Floral Crop-top – Style Definitions (R350)

•Olive high-waisted skirt -Legit (R189.99)


For all Style Definitions orders contact us on our Instagram ( @styledefinitions_) or Facebook ( Style Definitions)


StyleTipsSaturdays #SOS


IMG_4472First of all what I’m wearing here is not really a maxi dress, well I don’t know what is it called but it is as great as a maxi so we’ll pretend like it’s one since we talking all things maxi today.

Who can deny that when Spring hits all you can think about is a maxi dress paired with flip flops? The comfortability is just out of this world; I bet you have already picked up that I’m a friend of comfort.

Maxi dresses effortlessly give you a feminine look, not forgetting that it also saves us the stress of shaving our legs, phew!

Another point for maxi dresses is that they are very accommodating, from short to tall women, to thin and thick!


  • Choosing a maxi dress can be the hardest, in most cases when you get to the store, they all look equally beautiful, but I always make sure that I go for lightweight materials, since they are the easiest to maintain, you could literally drag it out of the wardrobe and put it on.
  • Choose the simplest patterns to achieve an effortless sassy look.
  • Bright beautiful prints liven up any outfit. They instantly create the right mood and demonstrate a unique style, saving you the stress of finding the right accessories.


Honestly, this dress I got it from down town in Pretoria central, retailing for a reasonable price of R150. But you can still get good maxi dresses from Mr Price, Legit, The Fix and Pick & Pay clothing.

Sandals -Mr Price- R99.99



SmartOutfitsSundays #SOS


Alright, let’s talk about these pants that made the world stop for a second over the past weekend!

As we have seen, pallazo pants which were hugely popular in the 60s and 70s have made a great comeback and we can’t be surprised why! These are just stylish, comfortable, and above all versatile!

I remember the day I purchased these ones, honestly I was a bit sceptical at first, but when I put them on, I don’t remember the last time I was that happy!

Wondering whether these are for you, or just a few ideas on how to style them? Don’t worry, you know as always your girl got you!


  • Awesomely comfortable because of their wonderful loose cut, and slits on either sides of the pants which is what initially attracted me, yaaas! As I always say, show a some skin, I mean it’s spring for crying out loud!
  • They are high-waisted, another plus for me! Girl, we all know that magic ass you get from a high-waisted pants right? Okay, story for another day.
  • The colour! This colour really speaks in tongues, and goes with just about anything!


  • There is really a wealth of choice when it comes to deciding how to style these, well of course it depends on the occasion as well as your personal style, but one thing I’ve picked up about these ones specifically is that a bodysuit is definitely a DON’T!
  • Teaming up these pants with a pair of colorful heels will give you a very sophisticated and elegant look. But don’t turn a blind eye on the flat shoes as well, a pair of espeadrilles will give you an equally great look, meanwhile a pair of sneakers will give you a chic look!
  • Because of the vibrant colour of the pants, a plain contrasting top allows you to capture every eye in the room and also bring a focal point to the pants!


  • Pants-Legit – R229.99
  • Top- The Fix – R139.99
  • Shoes-Legit-R249.99




#StyleTipsSaturdays #STS



Spring time means more off-the shoulder days!

There ain’t no better way of showing a “little innocent ” skin that the off-the-shoulder way!

I hope at this time we’ve all packed away our knitted pullovers and parkas!

Unfortunately this ain’t an office or campus friendly look but it will sure keep you sexy and flirty during after hours and weekends!

The truth is that this blouse looks better when it’s bigger, so just go a bit over your size when you buy one!

Going to a festival? A brunch maybe? Or a small event like a baby shower? Oh girl, this top will sure bring all eyes on you!

The color and its floral print just add a little more va va -voom to it!


Different ways to rock this top

  • For the weekend and small events , opt for a denim or more casual bottoms


  • During night time (probably for a festival) this would definitely look more sexier with an amazing pair of trousers or date-night mini.


  • Go for everything from silk to cotton, dramatic shaped sleeves to short eyelet ruffles.


Get this look:

Blouse – R229.99 -The Fix

Slip-On Sandals – R79.99-Legit

Hat-Markhams (It’s old so I don’t remember the price)

Jean -R499.99-Factorie








FullSizeRender (2)


So you’ve been invited to a date on  random day? Not really sure what to wear ’cause all they ever said was “let’s go out”? Heels seem a bit too formal, but sneakers also feel a bit “oh oh- not so lady like”?

Well, don’t worry, #STS is here for you.

This is how you can balance your look to be relevant for whatever kind of date that might be!

Semi-formal pants

  • You’ll still look stylish and classy in these (they create a perfect look as a formal and informal wear)
  • They are loose-fitted, so no need to worry about your weight fluctuation ( Hides your figure flaws, especially hip/butt area)


Basic t-shirt

  • Creates an effortlessly attractive look
  • Brings focus to the stylishness of your pants
  • Comfortable ( soft, works tucked or not, and strikes perfect balance between loose and snug)


(if you’re not so much of a sneaker person you might wanna substitute these with either a good pair of loafers(refer to previous post) or sandals)


Get the look:

Pants – Refinery (R399.99)

T-shirt – Adidas  (R329.99)

Sneakers – Adidas (R999.99)


TIP: Add a classy side bag to achieve a more attractive look.



FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (3)



#SmartOutfitsSundays #SOS

There’s something so attractive in a woman wearing just a shirt and jeans!



So Spring has finally sprung, yay!

I know most of you prefer starting this great, sunny season with a maxi dress or maybe shorts, but hey I couldn’t wait no more to finally rock my shirts without covering them up with a coat!

Shirts are one of the most forever-stylish clothing pieces. If you were never a fan of shirts, then girl, you better go get one, as in NOW!

Few things that you need to consider when buying a shirt:

  • Go for colors that are very basic (black,white,nude, and maybe blue can still cut)
  • Avoid shirts that are too tight on you, baggy shirts are the one yeah!
  • Look out for the way in which buttons close, it’s very important you don’t want to be struggling with buttons every 5 minutes.

Different ways to wear your shirt:

Well, it all goes with style preferences but according to me, for tall women it is always best to leave your shirt hanging; and the short ones should make sure to tuck in.

You can also make things a little ‘interesting” by tying a knot in the front

Shirts can be worn with skirts, jeans, leggings, shorts or even alone! Isn’t that just a plus?

Shirts also give you various options when it comes to shoes, well I chose sandals because hey it is spring and I wanted an absolutely simple, yet effortlessly glam look. (which you can rock to the park, late lazy lunch or the movies)

Get this look!

Shirt – Mr Price (R129.99)

Sandals – Mr Price (R99.99)

Jean – Factorie (R299.99)



#StyleTipsSaturdays #STS

Why Loafers Are The Best Thing To Have


So a few months I got this as a present from a friend!

I know some of you are looking at this pair like “yay! what a nice pair” meanwhile others are just like ” nah! miss me with that!”

Well I was like the “miss me with that” type of people, but hey a present is a present!

Fast forward, well me being a lover of all things stylish, I finally found “that-thing” about them, they were suddenly my most-favorite shoe in the wardrobe, and I have discovered they have got such great points!

  • They look great with just about any pair of jeans!
  • Whether you’re going to campus, work or some evenings out, loafers are here for you!
  • They are great for all seasons! They can keep you cool during winter, while they’re also a yes for summer because of their lighter feel and their ” a little” lighter colors.
  • Loafers are found in various materials and also cover a large price range, so it doesn’t really matter what your style preference or budget are, there’s a pair for everyone!

I’m unsure about where exactly this pair can be found, but stores like Legit, H&M, and The Fix have got quite great loafers as well!



smart outfit
Ideal night-out outfit

Because of the sheer texture and the “glow-in-the-dark” feel of the top, I personally love this look for a night-out with friends. The dark colors of the skirt and the shoes will definitely bring even more life to the top!

And again it is always more safer to go with block heels for a night look, ’cause you will probably spend most of the time on your feet so you need that sophisticated and trendy yet comfortable feel!

Plus they look great with just about anything, from skirts to skinny jeans to dresses and what not!

Get the look for less than R500!

  • Top – The fix ( R139.99)
  • Skirt- The fix (R99.99)
  • Block heels – Mr Price (R179.99)
  • Choker – Mr Price (R39.99)